Monday, July 25, 2011

6 Thinking Hats

There are differences in opinion during meeting or discussion. Edward de bono has developed in ealy 1980s a  technique to define a style of thinking that everyone in a thinking group can apply to whatever is under discussion.  

The six thinking hat are:

1) White hat (neutral, objective)
- People who based on fact, analyze the data and figures
- Believed Facts and Checked facts

2) Black hat (serious, somber)
- Focus on error, evidence and conclusion
- Always give negative view and pessimistic
- Separates logical negative from emotional

3) Yellow hat (sunny, positive)
-Positive and Speculative
-People think about benefits, advantages
-Best case scenario

4) Red Hat (angry, emotional)
- People who based on emotional and feeling
- intuition, hunches, impression
- no justification, reason and basis

5) Green hat (growth, fertility)
- new ideas, concept and give more alternatives
- Creative and lateral thinking
- give new approaches to problem

6) Blue hat
- Thinking about thinking
- Organization and instruction of thinking
- Control of other hats
- Discipline and focus

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